Beyond Broadhall (The ’86 Fix book 2) – Keith A Pearson – Review

After his miraculous weekend in 1986, Craig Pelling returned to a future he could never have envisaged. Even by his own hapless standards, his plans have spectacularly backfired. Everything he tried to fix his now broken and a bleak lonely existence is all Craig has to look forward to.

Does he face that future, or does he try to seek answers? Either way, an emotional rollercoaster ride beckons. Can Craig can find closure before it ends? Or does fate have a few more twists in store for him, beyond Broadhall? 

Craig has to get used to his new life, he wakes in the hospital, not in his house nor as his 14-year-old self, but a 40-something fat man.

The only difference to the life he had before, is during his weekend back in time he died…

The Craig Pelling he knew no longer exists.

After months and months of being inside the mental hospital Broadhall, Craig is finally released on a sort of probation where he gets placed in his old hometown in a half-way house.

Unsure of what to do next, Craig does the one thing he thinks will help him, he gets drunk.

Because Craig has no evidence of qualifications or a life before waking up in a hospital bed so many months ago, he has to get himself a job which ends up being a part-time volunteer in a charity shop where he forms an unlikely friendship with his boss who in all her time there has never worked with a man.

After a few days of being there, Craig confides in his new and only friend to ask whether he should try and find his parents after being away for so long.

Even though Craig knew this would be dangerous due to their 14-year-old Craig being dead since 1986, he decides to go searching.

After a little researching, Craig finds out his mother passed away some years ago, so that leaves his father to find. He’ll find his father after going to his mums grave to say goodbye, only to bump into his dad in the cemetery.

Once he and his father have been reacquainted he finds out his dad has been waiting for him as he found his notes from that weekend when he died.

The two of them have a plan to go back to the original time, from the beginning, to fix everything that he messed up by going back in time.

Can they make it in time or have their lives been changed forever?

Lucy xox

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