The guilt of unfinished books

I HATE leaving a book unfinished. So much so, that I have spent months carrying around a book around in my bag willing myself to finish it.

Every time I start a book, I like to give it 100 pages to capture my attention. That’s usually the time of my commute to and from work in one day. If I’m not enjoying it, or if I haven’t connected to the characters I’ll put it back on the shelf and move on.

But every time I do, I hate it and instantly feel guilty.

But should I feel guilty? Do you ever feel the same? Abandoning books is apparently really common. According to data from Perlego a non-fiction online library based in the UK shows 21 percent of books aren’t read beyond the first chapter, only 43 percent of books are actually finished, and 7 percent of books are read entirely bar the last chapter.

The last stat interests me, I’ve never read a book and not finished the last chapter, even when I really didn’t want it to end.

I never fully give up on books, I feel in my heart that I just can’t give up and will always try to get back into it. In the last year, three books I’ve read have been rereads that I have given up on previously, one of which I now consider one of my favourite books.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, life’s too short to love every book and if every single person on the planet loved the exact same books, this world would likely be a very dull place. 

Lucy xox

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