A night out with Beauty and the Beast…

On the 9th of December the Royal Albert Hall played host to the Philharmonia Orchestra with Disney in Concert: Beauty and the Beast. It was breathtaking. From the minute the orchestra filled the stage for the European premiere of the film as a live concert experience the audience was transfixed on them. The Philharmonia were... Continue Reading →


How I edit my photos

Taking photos is a passion of mine, after I've taken my photos I like to get home and sort through them and use editing software to enhance them. As you can probably tell from my Instagram feed (above!), I like to have themes for every 9 photos, my favourite app to createΒ this is VSCO Cam.... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Tag

I blooming love a Q&A, you'll know that if you've seen my Disney Tag. So when I saw the Christmas tag challenge I just had to do it! (I know it should really be a youtube video but I'm gonna do the blog anyway.) 1. Favourite Christmas Movie? It's got to be Elf, I do... Continue Reading →

Being Gluten Free for Christmas

Fellow coeliacs listen up! Christmas does NOT have to be a miserable time, food companies have been testing new products and finally they have found things that are really working! If you don't follow Gluten Free Cup Of Tea's blog then you don't know what you've been missing! I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 4... Continue Reading →

Christmas gift guide

I pride myself on gift giving, the excitement of getting something so perfect for someone and it getting to the day, them opening it and loving it, really is the best feeling! So here is a little guide of ideas for gifts for your loved ones. I will be doing another gift guide very soon... Continue Reading →

Cozy/Festive Playlist

Now it is officially cold enough to warrant hibernating in a blanket in the evenings (or all day...) I thought I would share with you the playlist I will be listening to for the early part of this month. (Don't worry more Christmas corkers will be coming!) Here is my cozy festive playlist, you can... Continue Reading →


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