Top 5 Movie Soundtracks

Okay so that was a big statement... Perhaps these aren't all the BEST soundtracks but they are some of my favourite soundtracks from movies. From musicals to just great films here is a list of my favourite. (Not including Disney or other children's movies because that could take me ALL day...) The Greatest Showman I've... Continue Reading →


December Book Haul

As a book lover, I rejoice when it gets to December as it means Christmas is coming and you have yet another excuse to be given books! This Christmas I was very lucky with my presents and was gifted a few books, as well as some money that I also spent on books... (I don't... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 gives you everything you want and more! I know everyone makes New Years resolutions, I always have done but they are often too unrealistic and get broken, so this year I wanted to make some that I can count on and that I can (hopefully) stick to! Keep... Continue Reading →

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