Beauty and The Beast – Review

It’s a tale as old as time. Today marks the day we finally get to own the remake of beauty and the beast. We all had high hopes for the film because of the controversy it has had brought upon it, with LeFou being the first (openly) gay Disney character, and Hermione Granger being the singing Beauty. Josh Gad... Continue Reading →


Photoset: Exploring Southwold

Being young and just out of uni it's often hard to give yourself a holiday before you have to, you know, become an adult. So when my boyfriend came up with the idea to save money and go on a staycation I was more than happy to go exploring. We packed up our car with... Continue Reading →

Logan – Review

Well bloody hell that was interesting… When I decided to watch Logan I thought that it couldn’t be gorier than Deadpool surely? Being rated 15 it couldn’t have more swearing than rated 18 Deadpool? Oh how I was wrong… Set in the year 2029 where Mutants are gone (or so it seems), miserable Logan is... Continue Reading →

A night out with Aladdin…

It’s the musical that is being named Disney’s new smash hit and I could not agree more! From the charismatic Genie to the sassy chamber maids that surround Jasmine the whole production is just beautiful.   The stage show is currently being performed in Prince Edward Theatre and it is definitely living up to the... Continue Reading →

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