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Why hello there, beautiful reader… I hope you enjoy your visit. With this blog I’m hoping to give you a small insight into my life, give you my opinions on things I’ve read/seen/heard/bought and just to entertain you really.

I’m a Kingston University alumnus and an all round book worm.
I started this blog off as just me, Lucy Hutchon, then it turned into a best friend, two girls with the same initials and interest adventure during university, and now, it’s just mine again.

Lucy (left), Paddington Bear (middle) and Lauren (right)
Lucy (left), Paddington Bear (middle) and Lauren (right).

You can go over to http://www.laurenoola.co.uk to see what the other half of Elle Hache is up to now!


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I’m Lucy, a 21-year-old originally from Essex who is a huge book worm, music and stationery lover.

I hope with this blog, I can inspire you to read the books I am and also to putΒ you onto something new, that perhapsΒ you wouldn’t have read before. I will alsoΒ be posting about the music that I am listening to at the moment, of both unsigned and well known artists/bands.
And as a bonus I’m getting more into the lifestyle type of blogging so I hope I can inspire you to love the things I’m loving too.

Twitter: @LHutchon / Instagram: @lhutchon




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