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Why hello there, beautiful reader… I hope you enjoy your visit. With this blog I’m hoping to give you a small insight into my life, give you my opinions on things I’ve read/seen/heard/bought and just to entertain you really.

I’m a Kingston University alumnus and an all round book worm.
I started this blog off as just me, Lucy Hutchon, then it turned into a best friend, two girls with the same initials and interest adventure during university, and now, it’s just mine again.

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I’m Lucy, a 22-year-old originally from Essex who is a huge book worm, music and stationery lover.

I hope with this blog, I can inspire you to read the books I am and also to put you onto something new, that perhaps you wouldn’t have read before. I will also be posting about the music that I am listening to at the moment, of both unsigned and well known artists/bands.
And as a bonus I’m getting more into the lifestyle type of blogging so I hope I can inspire you to love the things I’m loving too.

Twitter: @LHutchon / Instagram: @lhutchon



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