Marina and the Diamonds – Froot – Review

I wanted to give the album a chance because of how much I loved her first two albums, however as the first track starts, I can honestly say I wanted to turn it off and go back to bed and watch Netflix. Although, once I got past the sad song you realise that it is... Continue Reading →


Book Review – Where Rainbows End (Love, Rosie) – Cecelia Ahern

Rosie and Alex are destined for each other, and everyone seems to know it but them. Best friends since childhood, they are separated as teenagers when Alex and his family relocate from Dublin to Boston. Like two ships always passing in the night, Rosie and Alex stay friends, and though years pass, the two remain... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Spring

So here’s another playlist for you guys, I had a good response to my last one and I think it’s a nice little thing to upload to keep you all happy, I will get more regular at uploading now as I have a little more time during the week. So here it is, this playlist... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Spotify Radio

So here I am, sitting at my desk doing uni work when I decide to put spotify on. I’ve been into Royal Blood recently (who hasn’t?!) so I thought I would pop their album on, then once I had finished it (for the second time…) I thought I would give Spotify Radio a go, my... Continue Reading →

Take That – III – Review

So it seems when Take That said they were back for good, they weren’t joking. Now a threesome, Take That has brought out an upbeat album in which they will be living for these days. The album starts with These Days, the song is about being in with the new and out with the old.... Continue Reading →

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