Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 150 years on

On this day, 150 years ago, a magical story was published to the world, and it has been a hit ever since. Everyone knows about Alice, either through the books, the animated Disney film or any other productions. It is my all time favourite novel, and as you can see I have a fair collection... Continue Reading →


RuPaul – Slay Belles – Ruview (Review)

As we head closer and closer to December, it is that time when our blog starts to go in Christmas mode. And one of the most important things about Christmas is the music, right? This is the second of RuPaul's Christmas albums (the first one being Ho Ho Ho, released in 1997) and it is so... Continue Reading →

Book Haul (part two)

As we promised, here are the details of the paperbacks in our book haul (yes.. we just buy THAT many books) so lets get to it..... The first thing I noticed about Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell was the vibrant cover, I work in a bookshop so every once in a while something will catch... Continue Reading →

Book Haul (Part One)

As book lovers we went a little over-board with our book purchases recently… But it’s perfectly acceptable because if you give a girl a book she’ll read for a day, but if you teach a girl to read she’ll read for life…? (Like the man and the fish, it made sense in my head.) Anyhow,... Continue Reading →

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