Papergang Box No. 16 Unboxing Review

So quite a while ago I put a post up about being a 'papergangster' and recently I was asked why I never made that into a series of unboxing Papergang orders, so I decided that I would do exactly that. Every month I will share with you all the most recent box that I have... Continue Reading →


TV Tuesday – Sherlock *photoset*

Here's the next TV Tuesday post, I was recently walking through central London being a tourist in my own city when I stumbled across ‘Speedy’s Cafe’ and I instantly realised where I had found, it was Sherlocks House from the TV series! So I popped back a few days later and snapped this photo set... Continue Reading →

84 Charing Cross Road *photo set*

Walking through the streets of London you know you are bound to stumble upon an iconic location and a piece of British history. For the most part these are easy to see and you know exactly what they are and where they’re from. Some of you eagle-eyed readers will have been walking down famous Charing... Continue Reading →

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