The ’86 Fix: A 1980s Time Travel Novel – Keith A Pearson – Review

Imagine if you could travel back in time and relive one weekend as your teenage self — would you change anything?

On the way home from school in 1986, Craig Pelling decided to buy a can of Coke. He wasn’t to know a seemingly innocuous visit to the local newsagent would dramatically change the course of his life. Consequently, Craig now lives in a loveless marriage and earns a living in a dead-end job as the manager of an electrical store. He could have been so much more. He could have achieved so much more.

But fate hasn’t finished with Craig Pelling.

A school reunion proves to be the catalyst for chaos, and decades on from his visit to that newsagent, Craig’s mundane life is turned upside down as his past comes back to haunt him. As he plummets towards rock-bottom, all seems lost for Craig until he’s thrown a lifeline — the miraculous lifeline of a brief trip back in time to 1986. Will he be able to fix his life? Is it as simple as just reverting one decision he made over thirty years ago?

Craig is about to find out.

The 86 fix will make you realise what you have and ensure you take nothing for granted

Craig Pelling is in his forties, hates his life, argues with his wife and has a boss who wants him fired.

As well as that has a room full of childhood possessions he has to clear in order for his parents to sell the house he grew up in.

One afternoon he decides to clear his childhood room of everything, within 10 minutes he’s realised his mum threw nothing away, even though most of it was junk. All of it except his old Commodore 64 computer, which is in perfect condition.

When procrastination takes over him sorting Craig decides to turn on his old computer to see if it still works, but what a mistake that was. After getting an error code he never remembered ‘restore path 48: Y or N’ he took a guess and pressed Y, only to black out and wake up 30 years earlier as a teenager again.

Was this the universe saying he could change his life or was it an unfortunate dream?

Craig spends the next 48 hours reliving a weekend in 1986 trying to change his future while also trying to better the futures of people around him.

Will he be able to stop his father from having back issues? His mother from being diabetic? And his grandparents from dying? And most of all, can he make his adult life bearable?

The book follows along Craig’s weekend where he can change his future for (hopefully) the better, but what happens when Craig realises he doesn’t want to go back to his reality and he wants to stay back in 1986 to be able to live it all again and see how that weekend affected the rest of his life.

The only way to make that happen is to get as far away from his bedroom and that computer as possible, but what’s that noise and why is it black and painful…


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