Book Review – Bridget and Joan’s Diary – Mad About The Toy Boy – Bridget Golightly & Joan Handcastle

Meet Bridget and Joan: Thelma and Louise on mobility scooters, reluctant residents of the Second Best Magnolia Retirement Home, and lifelong friends joined at the artificial hip. It’s been a wild year for the two rebellious wrinkletons: sherry and shoplifting, Sanatogen and sexting, and a mysterious toy boy who threatens their lifelong friendship and possibly... Continue Reading →


Book Review – Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

We all know the story of Alice, the curious young girl who follows a curious looking rabbit down the rabbit hole, and wouldn’t you if the rabbit you saw was talking to himself? The story starts as everyone knows with Alice running after the rabbit she saw, she then ends up falling down the rabbit... Continue Reading →

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