Paramore – After Laughter

I’ll set the scene for you, I was waking up this morning when I checked my phone and had a notification from Spotify. “Paramore’s new album has been released, listen to it now!” Seventeen-year-old Lucy inside is very excited (21 year old me is still freaking out but is a lot calmer…ish) Paramore are back!... Continue Reading →

Lauren Graham – Talking As Fast As I Can

From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and everything in between... I'm not usually one for autobiographies but recently I have become quite fond of them. I have always loved Gilmore Girls, it's been my go to programme for so many years now, and finally towards the end of last year Netflix announced that they were... Continue Reading →

And we’re back again…

So I have some explaining to do… I’ve neglected the blog for a few months because I’ve been really busy at university however have no fear! I’ve finished my degree now and have time to read for pleasure again and I can start to do reviews and everything else again! (I highly doubt you would... Continue Reading →

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