A night out at The Christmasaurus Live

Holy moly.

If you ever want to see something that is funny, heartbreaking and magical, you need to see this show.

The Christmasaurus Live, written by Tom Fletcher, is being shown at the Hammersmith Apollo and stars some of Toms nearest and dearest, including Giovanna Fletcher (Toms wife), Carrie Fletcher (Toms sister), Harry Judd and Matt Willis (Toms bandmates) and some truly wonderful other actors and actresses, including Dan McLellan (the boy who played William).

The show starts with Tom speaking to the audience live trough the big screens telling us all of the unfortunate things that have been happening this morning, but the show must go on.

Tom then guides the audience through the book with his piano and his voice singing us into Christmas.

With tear jerking songs from Tom (who plays Bob Trundell) and his on stage son William we get to see what Christmas is like for the family.

William is bullied at School by Brenda (Carrie Fletcher) and she’s making him hate Christmas for the first time in his life, but that’s not all, he also wishes his dad could find some happiness, that’s his Christmas wish.

After writing Santa a letter on Christmas Eve-eve he goes to post it with his dad, but Brenda is waiting for him.

After a truly kickass song from Brenda (Carrie) about being on the naughty list, and from Pamela (Giovanna) about how Christmas makes her sick, we hear huge boos from the whole crowd.

Santa managed to find the time to pop along to the Apollo before delivering presents tonight (24th) to deliver an awe inspiring performance.

The Christmasaurus puppet was beautifully crafted by Max Humphries who is known for his flawless puppet designing and was performed by both Luisa Guerreiro and Mikey Brett, giving life and feelings to the Christmasaurus.

The production was perfectly cast by Stuart Burt and has live music played throughout by a mixture of Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Matt Willis, Carrie and Giovanna Fletcher as well as the amazing house band.

It was a magical night, and there are still tickets for sale! Go grab some ASAP, it is the best show to finish the year on.

Lucy xox

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