A night out at The Christmasaurus Live

Holy moly.

If you ever want to see something that is funny, heartbreaking and magical, you need to see this show. Continue reading “A night out at The Christmasaurus Live”

Photoset: Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

What’s better than walking around Christmas markets in Hyde Park with a cup of mulled wine in your hands? (Apart from being curled up on the sofa with a cup of mulled wine in your hands… Anyway let your inner extrovert out for the day!)  Continue reading “Photoset: Walking in a Winter Wonderland…”

The Happiness Planner – Review –

I am a huge stationery hoarder (if you hadn’t already guessed that), so when I took a trip into my favourite Paperchase store (Tottenham Court Road) and saw that they were stocking The Happiness Planner I just had to pick it up. Continue reading “The Happiness Planner – Review –”

Photoset: Adventuring in a quiet part of London

You think of London you think of what… A really busy city with lots of people and attractions? That is exactly what I would think too and we live in London!!

The long story short: basically we live INCREDIBLY close to Richmond Park (like seriously it’s less than a 5 minute walk) and we have been making excuses for months of why not to go, but finally after seeing the beautiful weather yesterday and having the perk of a day off – we grabbed our cameras and put on our boots and headed down to the park.

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