Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars EP – Review

This is an abnormally long EP at ten tracks long but as far as I can tell, the more Lux Lisbon you hear, the better!

Lux Lisbon are a Nottingham University made indie band with the influences from the greats  Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen, members Stuart, Charlotte, Johnny and Tom have an original sounding band with an indie/ country twist.

The EP has a  great start, Memento Mori is a light and up-beat song, standing in good stead for the rest of the EP.

The title track of the EP Get Some Scars is another corker, this one has a slight country twang to the vocals. Through listening to the EP over and over again I can always, with this song, hear a slight Killers vibe to the sound. It’s a great mix added to the EP.

The Devil Got Me Dancing is the third song on the EP, the lead vocals are done by Charlotte Austen for this record and it’s a nice change to the first two songs.

Bullingdon Club I LOVED this song, from beginning to end, I can not fault this song. It’s all about the infamous Bullingdon Club… Need I say more? There is some swearing in the lyrics, however they are so subtle you won’t even realise and you’ll find yourself bobbing along none the wiser.
Anyway… I will definitely be featuring this one on one of my playlists, so look out for more Lux Lisbon!

Demons You Show is a slow starter but as soon as the guitar riffs come in at about a minute and a half through it gives you chills and I got really interested as it sped up.

Your Heart is a Weapon is the first song on the EP to properly introduce the synth, it’s not my favourite song on the album but it is pleasant.

We Don’t Believe in Love No More is the first one on the album that is a live recording. It’s from when they played at Bestival, I think it was a clever move putting this on their EP as it shows how diverse they can be.

Lux Lisbon have played at BBC6 Music a few times and have a large backing by presenters, such as Chris Hawkins at the BBC. Demons You Show is a recording that was made at the BBC on their acoustic sessions, it’s slow and personal and just darn good.

Unfortunately Animals is my least favourite track on the EP, don’t get me wrong it’s an enjoyable song but I just feel as though it’s a little too similar to the rest of the tracks on the EP.

The last track is We Don’t Believe No More again, it’s the studio version of the previous song.

Overall I think this EP is wonderful, the sound is varied with hints of artists like Lady Hawke and The Killers, it’s a foot tapping-ly brilliant mix.

You can find the album on their website

If you would like me to have a listen to your EP or album, or even a song, tweet me @LHutchon

Elle Hache.

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