Book Review – Weddings Can Be Murder – Christie Craig

Katie Ray was about to marry a man she didn’t love – and who didn’t love her. Even losing her $8,000 engagement ring wasn’t enough of a sign to call things off. What did it take? Being locked in the closet with a sexy PI, and being witness to murder.

Carl Hades hardly wanted to be shackled with another man’s soon-to-be wife, especially when the gorgeous redhead stirred emotions he’d avoided for years. He’d been hired by an elite Houston wedding planner investigate some missing brides. When those brides turned up dead, Carl saw where the whole situation was headed: just like Katie’s wedding ring and her ceremony, right down the toilet. Because, while Katie was suddenly and delightfully available, he had a feeling se was next in line to die. And before he could ask her to say “I do,” he had to know who would say “I did it.”

I read this book last summer and still love it; I finally decided to buy it in physical book form instead of leaving it on my Kindle.

From the moment I started this book I was drawn in, you’re introduced to Mr Carl Hades with the image of him dropping his gun down on the top, popping candy worms in his mouth. The opening is powerful and is bound to draw you in.

We’re soon introduced to Katy Ray, the heroin of the story. I fell for Katy, Christie Craig really portrayed her in the best way, and you get a real sense of personality from her. We’re greeted with her on her knees staring at the ‘porcelain throne’ (the toilet). We learn that Katie has a problem with her upcoming marriage so much so that when she thinks about it she goes into full panic mode, perhaps this is normal? Or perhaps Miss Ray is having second thoughts?

We follow the story of Hades being given a new case, the wedding killer… Well the bride killer. A wedding planner gets in touch with Hades when she believes that her brides are being killed off, Hades is intrigued with the case so he goes to investigate.

In the mean time Ray goes to meet up with her wedding planner… Will she become the next victim?

The book is full of suspense, and when you read it, which you really should, you’ll find that you’ll ship Katie and Carl, even though she has a fiancé you get the feeling they wont last.


After Carl and Katy witness a murder and finally get out of the ‘torture house’, they get to know each other more. Carl introduces her to his Dad, the ‘old git’ that never leaves him alone, and he loves her straight away. Carl starts to think she might be the one, but will she feel the same?

If you can get over the slight inappropriateness, if not a tad raunchy section in the book, you will enjoy it a lot.


If you want to get this book, check it out on Amazon, you will not be disappointed, I really enjoyed it, I fell for the characters and felt a real connection to them.

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Elle Hache.

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