Stocking Filler ideas

Ahh stocking fillers, arguably the most fun things to open on Christmas from a satsuma to a bag of chocolate coins and everything in between, it’s a classic part of Christmas. I used to love waking up at dawn on Christmas day and running into my brothers room and the three of us all ripping open the gifts from Santa (who managed to use the same paper as mum and dad…)

So if you’re doing a stocking for Christmas and you’re all out of ideas, have a scroll through this and see if you can get some fun present inspiration.

1. Uno emoji – £7 Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 22.58.04

2. Wooden train set – £8

3. Wind up toys – Racing Grandma and Grandad – £7.99

4. Heat up bear (alternative to hot water bottle!) – £10

5. Face paint crayons – £2.99 each

6. Puzzles – Sudoku Cube – £3.99 Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 23.34.01

7. Eyetoons – card game – £5.99

8. Fishin’ for floaters – bath game – £10.99

9. Chocolate/sweet pizza – £3.99

10. Sound effect machine – £4.99

11. Grow your own unicorn – £3.99

So there you have it, 11 really random gift ideas for you all to go and have a flick through… What would you normally get in a stocking at Christmas?

Lucy xox

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