Beginners guide to a Bullet Journal

By now you will have seen or at least heard of a bullet journal, but if not, this guide will show you what it is, what they do for you and give you an insight in how to set one up.

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a customisable journal, it can be a to do list, sketchbook, notepad, diary but most likely all of the above! It’s a place where you can write everything down, I use mine as a to do list/ diary.

What do you need?!

At minimum you will need
1 x Black pen
1 x Ruler
1 x Notebook – blank, dotted or squared!

(My notebook is one I received exclusively through Ohh Deer’s Papergang subscription box, this is with blank pages)

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To start with you need to make an index, this is like the backbone of the bullet journal, this is where you organise the whole journal and where you plan where everything will go in your journal. You add each topic with page numbers and every topic is called a ‘collection’.

Next you think about what collections you want. In official bullet journals there are 3 main collections:

FUTURE LOG: Where you write down events happening in the coming months

MONTHLY LOG: Where you organise your month, this is laid out in two ways…

  1. Calendar page: write events and tasks that are happening this month
  2. Task page: tasks you want to complete this month and ones you completed the month before

DAILY LOG: This is a day to day log where you give yourself a to-do list for every day.

Okay… now it’s time to think of your page designs.

Do you want a monthly welcome page? A habit tracker or personal goals page? Here are a few examples of layouts you could use.

I use the calendars from my Papergang subscription to introduce a new month.

One thing you have to remember is DO NOT WORRY if it doesn’t turn out perfect, it’s only for you and the more you practice the better and more organised it will become.

So, happy journaling! Have a look at the types of pages I’ve been doing for the next couple of months and let me know what types of pages you have gone for in your journal!


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