Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars EP – Review

This is an abnormally long EP at ten tracks long but as far as I can tell, the more Lux Lisbon you hear, the better!

Lux Lisbon are a Nottingham University made indie band with the influences from the greats  Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen, members Stuart, Charlotte, Johnny and Tom have an original sounding band with an indie/ country twist. Continue reading “Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars EP – Review”

Playlist – Easy Like Easter Sunday Morning

So it’s Easter Sunday and it’s the perfect time for an Easter playlist.
Whether you listen to music whilst getting ready for the day, or in the car on the way to see family, or even while eating your Sunday lunch, sit back and relax to this easy listening playlist. Continue reading “Playlist – Easy Like Easter Sunday Morning”

Marina and the Diamonds – Froot – Review

I wanted to give the album a chance because of how much I loved her first two albums, however as the first track starts, I can honestly say I wanted to turn it off and go back to bed and watch Netflix. Although, once I got past the sad song you realise that it is about Marina getting over a bout of depression, but now she has found a new place to be ‘happy’. Continue reading “Marina and the Diamonds – Froot – Review”

Playlist – Spring

So here’s another playlist for you guys, I had a good response to my last one and I think it’s a nice little thing to upload to keep you all happy, I will get more regular at uploading now as I have a little more time during the week. Continue reading “Playlist – Spring”

Playlist – Spotify Radio

So here I am, sitting at my desk doing uni work when I decide to put spotify on. I’ve been into Royal Blood recently (who hasn’t?!) so I thought I would pop their album on, then once I had finished it (for the second time…) I thought I would give Spotify Radio a go, my goodness it was good today!

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Take That – III – Review

So it seems when Take That said they were back for good, they weren’t joking. Now a threesome, Take That has brought out an upbeat album in which they will be living for these days.

The album starts with These Days, the song is about being in with the new and out with the old. However, as a sweet little memory to Mr Jason Orange, who left the famous four (and five) piece, in the video Howard gets a spray tan to show the orange.

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Taylor Swift – 1989 – Review

T-Swift has come a long way since her debut song Tim McGraw, and boy are we loving it!

I’ll be the first to admit I have huge admiration for Taylor Swift, I’ve loved her from the start, with songs like Our Song and Picture to Burn, who couldn’t love her? But now it seems as though Swifty has decided to grow up a little bit, she’s gone with the times and has left country and produced a pop album.

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