The Greatest Showman – Review

Hugh Jackman has done it again…

It was only a few months ago that I watched Les Misérables for the first time (I know, very late to the party), I was blown away by Jackman, and I was delighted to see him singing in a musical again which has been directed by Michael Gracey. Continue reading “The Greatest Showman – Review”

What to watch this autumn – the ULTIMATE list

For those days you just want to hibernate under a blanket in front of the TV. Continue reading “What to watch this autumn – the ULTIMATE list”

All Things Curtis, Richard Curtis *Photo Set*

You’ve all heard of him, he’s the ultimate chick flick creator. Ever feel like you need a good ol’ cry at a film and you’re not sure what to watch? Do you like Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Bill Nighy? Just grab a blanket, some ice cream and put one of his on.

Continue reading “All Things Curtis, Richard Curtis *Photo Set*”