Pureple Outfit Planner – App Review

So when watching the legendary 90s film Clueless I was always envious of Cher Horowitz’s wardrobe and even more envious of the computer programme she created that helped her choose her outfits for the day. So cue 22 years later and Pureple has finally done it!

Cher’s computer programme in Clueless

So anyway onto the app…

I first saw Pureple on Safiya Nygaard’s YouTube channel where she let the app pick her outfits for the whole week. (Check out the video below!)

So I was sceptical of the app actually working, being able to pick my outfits and make an outfit that I didn’t realise I had.

I can see the app being very helpful in certain situations whether it’s for an event, work or a date night, but for just normal every day? Maybe not…


Pureple is a fairly straight forward app to use, first you have a list of options on what to do, once you’ve done the boring choosing a name and password you can start choosing your outfits.

So now for the tedious part… To be able to choose your clothes, the app needs to know what you have in your closet, so it is time to take photo’s of your wardrobe and start adding your pieces.

Once it’s all put into the app, you choose what category of clothing you want to wear and then you let the magic happen and it will search through your clothes, shoes and accessories and choose you an outfit.

Once it’s decided you get a list of outfits you can save by either swiping right for it being a good choice or left for it being a bad outfit. (it’s tinder for clothes…)

It’s a free app in the app store, and as long as you can deal with the tediousness of putting in every item of clothing you have then it could be really good for you.

Lucy xox

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Life Print Photo Printer

This is a review that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, I was given this printer for Christmas and it’s one of the best gifts I have ever been given, now that I have fully tested it I know it’s worthy of a review.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Life print making photos special again”

Life print allows you to not only print out your photos from your phone but also your videos, yes you read that correctly, you can PRINT VIDEOS! With its unique augmented reality you can print out hyperphotos and make your images come to life. (It’s like we’re in Harry Potter or something…)

hp gif

So what are the specs for the Life Print Printer?

The printer comes in at a hefty price of £134.95 and for 110 sheets of the refill paper it’s £49.95, however if you think of it, it’s a bluetooth printer so they aren’t cheap, but this is amazing for the value.

Theres an app that needs to be downloaded onto your phone that has a photo editor on it so you can make your images as personalised as you want them to be, I use mine to go into scrapbooks so I personalise them to remember the date they were taken.

This printer is a good alternative to having a polaroid type of camera where you get your photos instantly, it’s perfect for photography lovers and the people who love to have a keepsake.

If you like the look and sound of this printer, you can find it here

Lucy xox

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