Last minute gifts for hosts

Picture it, you’ve got all of your Christmas shopping done, it’s all wrapped and you’re feeling glorious about it all, you’re sitting on the sofa planning which outfit will look nice for Christmas Day as well as have enough room for the amount of food you’re planning on eating. When suddenly you realise you haven’t... Continue Reading →


Favourite Blogmas bloggers of 2017

Not only have I been doing blogmas for this month, I've been reading some blogmas posts from bloggers too. In a way it's been a way of inspiration for me to carry on and get through blogmas. So with just four days left to go, I thought it would be the perfect time to share... Continue Reading →

Christmas Nail Art

Christmas nail art is a fun thing to do throughout December, whether you go full Christmas Santas and all or if you stay to festive sparkle, there are plenty of ways to get your nails ready for the festive season. I like to use a mixture of Barry M and Ciaté London nail varnishes but... Continue Reading →

Secret Santa Gift Guide

Ahh the best sort of gift guides! I blooming love Secret Santa. My boyfriends family do it and I love picking the name out of a hat and keeping it a secret until Christmas. Also buying silly presents is ALWAYS more fun than practical ones, so here you go... The website I Want One Of... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Chilli Recipe

A bit of a different blog post for you guys today but I thought I would share with you one of my favourite meals to cook throughout December, that is vegetable chilli, the perfect substitute for chilli con-carne, with a winter spice that is to die for! To make this you will need; (serves 4-6)... Continue Reading →

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