Eve of Man – Giovanna & Tom Fletcher – Review

Against all odds. She Survived. The first girl born in fifty years. They called her Eve.

All her life Eve has been kept away from the opposite sex. Kept from the truth of her past.

But at sixteen it’s time for Eve to face her destiny. Three potential males have been selected for her. The future of humanity is in her hands. She’s always accepted her fate.

Until she meets Bram.

Eve wants control over her life. She wants freedom. But how do you choose between love and the future of human race? 

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher have done it again, only this time they have succeeded as joint authors.

Eve of Man is the first in a trilogy of novels all about Eve who is the human race’s saviour. It’s a sci-fi book with a perfect balance of romance to keep you hooked.

I won’t lie, when I started this book, it took me a couple of chapters to really get into it, however this is mainly down to the amount of information being thrust at you so you can fully immerse yourself in the world.

Set in the future, in a high up tower we meet Eve who is the only young girl on the planet, for the last 50 years no girl has been born only a stream of boys. This makes Eve the most special piece of the puzzle who must be protected at all costs.

The EPO (Extinction Prevention Organization) have been created to keep Eve happy, healthy and ready to start repopulating the earth. After Eve’s mother tragically dies after childbirth and her father abandons her, Eve is left with a small group of older women around her who are there to keep her alive and safe, these women are named ‘The Mothers’.

As well as the mothers, the EPO have created Eve an AR friend – a hologram called Holly. The two met when they were both five years-old, when Dr Wells (the mastermind behind Holly and Eve’s dome) and Vivian (the main ‘mother’ who controls Eve’s every move) deemed it acceptable for Eve to have a friend. Holly has been Eve’s constant, the person she can always turn to and always confide in.

This is until Eve becomes more inquisitive and discovers the person controlling Holly isn’t a girl at all, but is a boy, her age, called Bram.

For a second they meet in real life and he’s all she can think about from then on.

Bram is Dr Wells’ son and the best pilot of Holly the EPO has. For as long as he can remember he’s been controlling Holly and becoming best friends with the most famous girl on the planet, Eve the saviour of the universe.

It isn’t until he is 16 when there is a security breach and Eve is in danger that he ruins his disguise as Holly and takes over as Bram instead.

From the second he locks eyes on Eve in real life, with her standing right in front of her does he realise that she’s the one.

There are a massive group of people on the outside of the tower and dome called the Freevers who protest to free Eve from the grasps of the EPO, after rumour of them controlling Eve for their own benefit start spreading. But who will be their leader, who will ‘save’ Eve?

From the talk I went to with Tom and Giovanna I know that Tom wrote Bram’s chapters and Gi wrote Eve’s but I must admit while reading it, I completely forgot that there were two authors, it was flawlessly written, the two of them clearly write in perfect harmony.

I would 100% recommend buying this novel, because even if you’re not a sci-fi lover (which believe me, I’ve never been in to!) I adored it, and I can not wait to get the other two thirds of the trilogy.

Lucy xox

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