An Evening With Giovanna & Tom Fletcher

Tom and Giovanna fletcher have released a new book called Eve of Man, being a fan of both of their works it only seemed right to go and meet them and get it signed.So after work on Friday, my boyfriend Nathan and I took the tube to Piccadilly Circus and took a stroll down to St. James’ Church the venue of the talk & signing.

I’ve met both Tom and Giovanna before at other events but there was something about meeting them together and having them talking about their new book that they are so proud of, it was lovely!

After about an hour of Q&A between Tom & Gi and super fan YA author Katherine Webber.

It was a lovely chat and a lovely meet and greet, Tom & Gi, I can’t wait to read your book – and thanks for signing all our books! (Accidentally took 6 with us…)

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