Not Working – Lisa Owens – Review

Now and again we all lie awake wondering what an earth we’re doing with our lives… don’t we?

Claire Flannery has had more than a few sleepless nights lately. Maybe she shouldn’t have walked out of her job with no idea what to do next. Maybe she should think before she speaks – and maybe then her mother will start returning her calls. Maybe she should be spending more time going to art galleries, or reading up on current affairs, and less time in her pyjamas, entering competitions on the internet. Then again, maybe the perfect solutions to life’s problems only arises when you stop looking for it…

Such a bittersweet book.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I read this one and I still am unsure how to feel about it.

When reflecting on it, Not Working is about a girl (Claire) who quits her job to find herself and falls down the trap of doing nothing with her life, living in fear that she will regret anything she does.

She has a boyfriend who supports her fully yet she makes up issues with him that aren’t there which, in turn, makes him then question what they are doing together if all they do is argue.

After months of no work and very little applications, she goes back to her old job again, seriously, she takes the easy way out – but that ‘dream’ is again short lived.

This is where he fixates on her relationship, determined to ruin it or make something of it.

The story is okay while you’re in it and you can get engrossed in it, but I found it too obvious while reading it, and from seeing other reviews this is a common issue.

Lastly, the ending was a little underwhelming, the main protagonist going off and recreating her own version of Wild

Lucy xox

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