Death on the Nile – Agatha Christie – Review

So we need to talk about Death on the Nile… I know I am again 40 odd years late to the party but Agatha Christie is a timeless classic so I’m making my way through her books.

I was given a list of her books to read by my dad and this was the second one, I am still in shock as to what happened a WEEK LATER!

So I have recently started a new job (hence the lack of posting) and I occupy myself on my commute by listening to music and  reading books – I have a LOT of time to read now due to this.

The book is about the famous detective Poirot taking a vacation on the Nile where he comes across the love affair of newlyweds, Linnet Doyle (née. Ridgeway) and Simon Doyle. Simon being a bit of a love rat who frantically dumped Jacqueline de Bellefort for Linnet and her money.

Heart broken and jealous, Jacqueline decides she will follow around the newlywed couple on their honeymoon and plot revenge on the pair.

After quite a few sadistic conversations with Poirot about the pistol she carries and how she would like to put the gun against Linnets head ‘just behind the ear’, Jacqueline eventually gets horrendously drunk one evening and ends up shooting Simon. However Simon is okay, he’s been shot in the leg and the doctor on board was able to stabilise him. However on the next page we are informed within half an hour of Simon getting shot, the gun goes missing and Linnet is then killed.

*okay quick story time – i was (as I said) on the train reading this, on the way home and I gasped OUT LOUD and the guy sitting next to me turned around and said “you okay? I know the feeling – what a shocker! I mean it’s called ‘Death on the Nile’ so you should know that someone dies…”*

Poirot and the other detective get straight into interviewing the passengers about the nights events to discover who would do that to poor Linnet.

In his spectacular way as normal Poirot interrogates everyone and has an idea of who it is. But who could it be?

Overall I found the story as thrilling as the first, however I was slightly deflated at the ending, it seemed a bit too random.

Have you read it? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Lucy xox

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