Christmas Traditions

I briefly spoke about my Christmas traditions in my Christmas tag blog, but I thought as it’s closer to Christmas now, I would share with you fully what my Christmas traditions are.

My family and I would don our winter coats & boots, put on our hats, scarves and gloves and go out and brace the cold to see the lights. We’d walk around the neighbourhood spotting all the best Christmas lights, there was always one cul-de-sac that would go all out with lights, music and festive scenes, all apart from one house who would be a total grinch about it.


Another thing we’d do would be to put the Christmas tree up just before Christmas, it would be normally on Christmas eve. I’m sure at some point we would put them up before hand, but one year we didn’t have time to do so, and that’s where the tradition was born.

On Christmas day, a tradition we would have would be to eat croissants for breakfast. I’m not sure why it was croissants, perhaps because they weren’t an everyday thing for breakfast, either way it was a great way to start the day!

Between 6.30 and 8am on Christmas day my brothers and I would go into each others bedrooms (on alternate years) and we’d all open our stockings together with all our presents from Santa. And then at 9 we’d go and wake our parents up so we could start the day properly.

And lastly, having the whole family go to my nan’s house on boxing day for round two of Christmas dinner and festive family fun.

What are your family traditions? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy xox

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