Best Christmas films

So if you’ve already seen my Christmas Tag blog you’ll know that my favourite Christmas film is Elf, but that’s not all, oh no, that is not all (little Cat in the Hat quote for you there…).

If you’re like me then you’ll watch and rewatch films a billion times. So when it comes to Christmas this should be no different, and you all know how I love a good list, so I have compiled together one of my top 5 Christmas films.

At number 5 we have Home Alone, it has to be the original or I don’t want to watch it, the second one is alright but no where near the brilliance of the first.


At number 4 we have Love Actually, I actually really love this film, even though a lot of people think it’s overrated (seriously?!) I think it’s a classic, with the all star cast it has as well, you can’t go wrong!


At number 3 we have The Grinch, it still gets me how innocent little Cindy-Lou Who is Taylor Momsen (rock goddess) now, but I still love this version, plus the Grinch played by Jim Carrey is hilarious.


Number 2 The Muppets Christmas Carol, this will forever be quoted in my household.

And number 1 is Elf! Come on, could I really pick anything else? I aspire to be like Buddy.


Goodness me! That was harder than I expected it to be!

What are your favourites, let me know!

Lucy xox

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