My Bucket List for December

So this is a new one for me, I’ve got an overall bucket list, but when I was searching for blogmas post ideas, I stumbled across this one, so here is my bucket list for December

1.Keep up to date with Happiness Planner
I’m a very organised person but sometimes the simplest things slip my mind, so I’m promising myself that I will keep to it, so I get myself a cuppa and then analyse my day.

2.Take more photos!
There are so many days that deserve to be remembered, and photos are so perfect for that, along with my LifePrint I can print them on the go and keep them forever.

3.Explore new areas
I’ve done this more recently at work where I’m in a new location and I go and explore it, I’ve found many a coffee shop that I never knew existed, and am promising myself that I will explore more!

4.Change my style a little (wear more winter skirts!)
Helloooooo sales my old friend, a-line skirts, tights and boots? YES!

(You all can hold me to this one!)

Lucy xox

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