How I’m Embracing Dark Evenings

Autumn/winter are my favourite times of the year, you can cuddle up on the sofa, enjoy having the heating on in your house and making sure your hibernation is in full swing. However for the times when you have to get up and out of the house these are my 3 top tips for being motivated to do so.

Top tip 1: Do something different to your daily routine. This could be something as small as changing your morning drink order at a coffee shop. Making a change can always make you feel as though you’re a new person.

Top tip 2: Look for the good in every day. This is one straight from my Happiness Planner, I am now trying to find one good thing in every day, and in sitting down each evening and thinking about what was good about the day will always make me feel better.

Top tip 3: Have some ‘me time’. go to the cinema alone, get some ice cream, face masks and pamper yourself, what ever it is make sure it’s for you! With it being so dark and chilly in the evenings you can make yourself have a lovely cozy evening inside.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 18.35.16
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Are you going to try any of these? Or do you have any tips to share? Comment Below and let me know!

Lucy xox

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