My 3 Go to Nails on a Budget

I have always had a love hate relationship with my nails, I love them when they’re long, they hate to grow.

I love taking time to make my hands look pretty, but sometimes my nails don’t want to cooperate, so I bring in the ol’ false nails.

About 3 years ago I decided to take the plunge and try some false nails, now rule 1 – if you want your natural nails to be healthy after using false nails then take the time to find good quality nails – don’t go for the £1 sets from Primark, they’re pretty but not for the long run!

So if you’re new to this (like I was), here is a list of products I use that DO NOT hurt your real nails if they’re used properly.

Okay so here are my top three brands that I use on a two-weekly basis.

Elegant Touch
These are the first express press on nails I tried, and I LOVE them!Elegant Touch more commonly do glue on nails and those paired with the big Elegant Touch glue is also a good way to go.

These are the newest discovery for me, sold in Superdrug I couldn’t help but pick up a few sets!

These nails are the first type I used, glued on with the Elegant Touch nail glue.

Also top tip, invest in a good nail strengthener/repairer to prep your nails before the false ones go on to make sure that they are as strong as ever!

Lucy xox

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