Oak Smoked – A comedy short by Samantha Wright

My dear friend Samantha has started a project to create her first short film, it’s called Oak Smoked and sounds like it would bring some much needed laughter to our grey world.

Here’s her story…
“I have written my first short ‘Oak Smoked’ I have a brilliant professional cast and crew assembled and a shoot date confirmed, I am running this campaign to raise money so I can pay these incredible people (as I don’t believe they should work for free) and to source the few props I need.

‘Oak Smoked’ started when earlier this year I took part in a crazy challenge called, ’28 Plays Later’ (puns for days) and although there were other pieces I wrote in the delirium of that month, ‘Oak Smoked’ wouldn’t leave my brain.

It has been  edited and fine-tuned for the change in genre but it has the same weird heart I originally fell in love with, it is a comedy about how tiny things, repeated in a long-term relationship can become huge, dramatic events and the star of the film is in fact a packet of bacon, which is not as it was promised to be -oak smoked. It’s a ridiculous, quirky, insane short but I absolutely love it and everyone that has read the script has felt the same way – that’s how I have got such an amazing team. There is so much heaviness in the world and I just want to bring some much-needed laughter and stupidity (the good kind).

It’s a micro short and being made on a small budget. While this is the first short I have written and am producing, I am an actor and a writer and I have worked on short and feature films, so I know my way around the process and I am really excited to be bringing my words to life.”

The shoot is scheduled for the beginning of December and Sam would love it if you could either donate to her project or share it through your social medias to make sure that the word gets out about the short!

I for one can’t wait to see what Sam has come up with and hope that you too can help make her vision come true!

Here’s the link to her GoFundMePage if you would like to donate.

Lucy xox

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