How to Make the Most of Autumn

It’s not new information that I love autumn and all things wintery, from the scents of winter candles to the chunkiness of the knit, if it’s to do with autumn you can sign me up.

But I know my breed is few and far between, I mean hands up who else loves cozy living rooms instead of hot beaches? So I have compiled a list on how to embrace autumn as there’s no getting round it really…

  • Change up your look
    • This is a no brainer! It’s a new season you’re bound to be putting away all your summer clothes anyway, so why not take a trip down to Primark and see what bargains you can pick up to be ready for autumn?
  • Welcome it with open arms (or doors) to your home
    • Why not try out some new candles? This way you can associate autumn/winter with good smells and then you’ll just want to embrace it.
  • Dig into new flavours
    • Everyone goes CRAZY over Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte, but why not try other spices in your food? This is my go to recipe to make in the autumn, it’s so warming and cozy.
  • Get out of the house
    • Go and EXPLORE, put on your wellies and a scarf and just enjoy your surrounding area (you never know, you might find a pumpkin patch or something!)
  • Snuggle up
    • After a day of exploring in your new clothes (see what I did there?) why not get into your pj’s, put on Netflix and snuggle up in a blanket and just enjoy the cold night.

Lastly, try something new, it’s a new season after all, so what’s stopping you?

Lucy xox


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