TV Tuesday – The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin *Photo set*

Here on Elle Hache with our Reel Life segment we wanted to do a ‘TV Tuesday’ review where on a few Tuesday’s a month we throw it back to classic TV, and we bring a still of it back into modern day with photos in the real locations.

So today it’s all about the Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin and how he made the TV show from the late 70s iconic in modern day.

From his excuses for why his train was late to the everyday mundane activity of walking to and from the train station.

Reginald Perrin REEL LIFE
Reginald Perrin running for the train at Norbiton Station

Fun fact for you: The opening scene of Reginald Perrin going into the train station was filmed at Norbiton station on the outskirts of Kingston, in Surrey. The station still looks the same today – however the streets that he walks down to start with are not actually in the area around Norbiton station.

Reginald Perrin

A massive part of the fun of Reggie Perrin was the excuses he’d give for being late every morning to his secretary, these were so well remembered because commuters who have to do that route every day (or any one who has to commute to work!) could relate to them.

In each series there was a different time that he was late, series one was eleven minutes late because of ‘train failures, staff shortages, people stealing part of the line…’, series two was seventeen and then twenty-two minutes late. The best excuse (which you will now want to use) was “twenty-two minutes late, escaped puma, Chessington North.”

The sitcom is a total exploration of the tragedy of his mundane human existence, filmed for three series over four years in the late 70s, and was all about the Fall of Reginald Perrin. He finds himself feeling imprisoned by his routine, and is so desperate for a life that is different to his own.


Liking these photo sets of putting films into real life? Keep an eye out for more of them coming up on the blog!


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