Photoset: Adventuring in a quiet part of London

You think of London you think of what… A really busy city with lots of people and attractions? That is exactly what I would think too and we live in London!!

The long story short: basically we live INCREDIBLY close to Richmond Park (like seriously it’s less than a 5 minute walk) and we have been making excuses for months of why not to go, but finally after seeing the beautiful weather yesterday and having the perk of a day off – we grabbed our cameras and put on our boots and headed down to the park.

Considering we live in a busy city with a hell of a lot of traffic and people, it was somewhat breathtaking to see this huge quiet and peaceful place. I am from the North of England originally and seeing the place reminded me of being home, which is a feeling I have never felt whilst being in London, ever.

Here are some pictures from our adventure in Richmond Park, if you ever are around and need a bit of peace and quiet in London then this is the place for you – it’s so quiet it’s like being in your own little bubble.


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