An Evening With Giovanna…

Lauren and I took a trip down to Piccadilly Circus on Tuesday and found ourselves in the most amazing Waterstones we have ever seen.

SIX floors of books – heaven right?!

Anywhoo, we didn’t just stumble across Waterstones, we were there for a very special reason. Lauren got me one of the best gifts ever, she got us tickets to go and meet Giovanna Fletcher, my favourite author, – in case you were wondering, she is as lovely as she is in her YouTube videos.

As a gift from Gi, we all got a hard copy of her new novella Dream a Little Christmas Dream, we then got to be in her company for an hour, listening to her answer our questions and we then got to get the books signed, (I was a tad cheeky and asked her if she could sign all of my books by her… she did!).

The evening was lovely, and I will definitely be making a trip back down to that Waterstones! (Honestly, it was HUGE!)

You can see the evening’s Q&A on Giovanna’s YouTube here.

Also, keep an eye out for our review of her novellas Christmas With Billy and Me and Dream a Little Christmas Dream coming up in the next week!

Can’t wait for your next book Mrs Fletcher! And thank you for being so lovely!


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