Halloween Pumpkin Krispie Cakes


So this is one of the different types of blogs we talked about in the update blog.

In light of Halloween we made gluten free rice-Krispie cakes in the shape of pumpkins. They’re super easy to make and taste sooo good in the end!

What you’ll need;

  • Rice-Krispies
  • White Chocolate
  • Orange food colouring


  • Matchmakers (for the stalks of the pumpkins)
  • Black icing (in a tube – for the faces)
  • Green icing (in a tube – for decorating the stalks)


First you start by melting the bars of white chocolate (we used 3 bars).

We did it at the stove but you might want to find an easier way to do it because it can get HOT!

Once it’s melted you add the food colouring to turn the mixture orange (or pumpkin coloured).

Now for the messy part!

Slowly add the rice krispies to the melted chocolate and mix them all together, once its all one big mixture it can be moulded into balls (or pumpkin shapes!)

*If you have cake pop cases then use them! They’re less messy and will make better shapes*

If you’re not doing it in cake pop moulds then you will need cupcake cases to put the balls into so they don’t collapse in the fridge.

Once you’re happy with the shapes and they look like pumpkins you’re going to want to put them in the fridge for about 5 minutes this will give them a chance to start to set.


Now you want to put the stalks into the pumpkins and make sure they stay there! Once all the pumpkins are done you’re going to want to put them back in the fridge for another 15 minutes to make sure they really stick and the pumpkins are completely set.


Now they’re out its time for the really fun part – decorating!

Grab your black icing tube and draw on the scariest/cutest pumpkin faces you can and then with the green icing you’re going to want to draw little swirls on the stalks.

And that’s it! They’re completely finished now and ready to dig into. (You can put them into the fridge if you think they need a little bit more time to dry.)

This is a perfect recipe if you have a last minute Halloween party or you just want some cute snacks.



There is also a video of us making these so check it out on our YouTube Channel Coffee Break.

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