Film Review – Pixar – Inside Out

This is one of my first film reviews so I hope you enjoy it, I decided to start with Inside Out because I watched it in the cinema last week and really enjoyed it 🙂

As the lights go down and the film finally starts we are greeted with a new Pixar short: Lava. Firstly, he’s a volcano and utterly adorable, secondly he’s seriously good at singing and thirdly he’s just looking for love. Any-who, he is singing and singing, wishing and waiting for his love to appear when suddenly, the volcano that was submerged under the sea erupts to the surface to see the man she’s been hearing singing for her for years. However, shmaxresdefaulte creates such a wave he gets submerged himself so he is now going to be living under the water.

This is where the classic sad part comes in. Mr Volcano is stuck underwater forever more. Until Miss Volcano started singing his song and he gets so happy that he erupts and ends up finally next to his love singing with her.

Anyway on to Inside out…

It all starts with Riley being born and we’re greeted with her first emotion – Joy.
The way the emotions are introduced is so clever. First we have Joy, she’s the loveliest emotion, and she’s introduced when Riley first sees her parents. Then – as baby’s do – she started to cry, and introducing Sadness, she’s sweet but sooo annoying.
We meet the rest of the emotions as Riley starts to grow up. It’s Fear next, then disgust, then anger.

I fell madly in love with the story line of this film, because you are controlled by your emotions. There has however been quite a few bad reviews because of the fact that Riley’s emotions are both female and male, however I think that’s just people trying to find unnecessary faults with the film.

1431830316793Joy is the main focus of the film, and most of Riley’s memories are yellow (because of joy) Sadness however likes to touch them, causing them to turn blue. This causes major problems as Sadness gets hold of a core memory and makes Riley upset. Sadness messes up and manages to shoot herself and Joy down to memory land, away from Headquarters.

At this part of the film we get to see the story from two sides, Joy and Sadness trying to get back to head quarters and Fear, Anger and Disgust trying to control Riley.

While Fear, Disgust and Sadness are controlling her we see her personality islands being ruined by them as they need Joy to function
We meet various characters along the way including Riley’s loveable imaginary friend Bing Bong, he decides to ‘help’ Joy and Sadness on their way back to headquarters, however he ends up taking them on a magical mystery tour around Riley’s brain resulting in them getting more lost than when they began.

In the final ten minutes of the film we see Joy and Sadness finally bond, as Joy realises that she isn’t the most important emotion at all, and that they are all as important as each other.

To sum up the ending of the film without ruining the rest of it, they finally make it back to headquarters to right the wrongs that had happened throughout the film and we finally see Riley getting back to normal.

The moral of the story is to never underestimate your emotions.

I’ve always loved Pixar, and this has just added one more to my list of loves, can’t wait to add it to my collection.

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2 thoughts on “Film Review – Pixar – Inside Out

  1. I absolutely loved this film, and I noticed the different gender thing as well. I was able to ask a Pixar Story Director about this, and he literally said it was a creative “mistake” made during production. They were never planning to show anyone else’s emotions, but when they were producing the trailer (the interaction at dinner with the Mom and Dad), it was more amusing to have all female and all male characters, so it remained that way. It was not planned. Funny, right?


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