Book Review – Ben Aaronovitch – Whispers Underground

‘Come Monday I get to do some proper policing. Person Unknown has been stabbed to death on the tracks at Baker Street tube. Magic may have been involved.’

Person Unknown turns out to be the son of a US senator and before you can say ‘International incident’, FBI agent Kimberley Reynolds is on DC Grant’s case.

And down in the dark, in the tunnels of London’s Underground, the buried rivers, the Victoria sewers, there are whispers of vengeance from beyond the grave.

DC Grant’s case is about to come off the rails…

So I took a trip down to my new favourite shop, FOPP and went looking for some new books to buy, (2 books for £5?! Who would say no??!).

As you can imagine, I pick up a hell of a lot of books from this shop and (if you could not guess) this is one of the books in the deal. My favourite thing about it is that you can find hundreds of random books that you wouldn’t ever really think about buying.

Normally you can find some really good novels in there that are fun to read and ones you would never think of having, however there are also some naff ones…

I honestly thought that this book would be so intriguing, however there was just no depth at all to the story. I was really disappointed with it as I think there could have been such a good story here but when you can be on chapter 12 then skip five or six chapters and not get confused you know there’s nothing there that you’re missing.

I was annoyed that there was no depth and there was no character development what so ever, and even the fact that it was set in London didn’t even help make it more interesting. The main character is DC Peter Grant and apart from him knowing how to do magic, that’s pretty much all you learn about him. He has a partner in the force who he has the hots for but wont tell her because she was in some kind of an accident (that we only find out parts about) and she will think he’s taking pity on her…

This was one of the books I had to abandon but when it was only £2.50 instead of £8 I can deal with that loss. (Plus the fact that it was about murders on the underground – the underground in which I use nearly every day – I can deal without being freaked out down there).

Anywhoo, I am going to end it there and possibly try out some of Aaronovitch’s other novels and see whether it was just this one…

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