Film & Soundtrack Review – Begin Again

If you follow me on Twitter you know that it is no secret how much I LOVE Begin Again.
This was the first film that Keira Knightly had sung in and goodness, she has such a unique voice I’m surprised she has never shown her talent beforehand.

At the beginning of the film we have James Corden singing at an Open Mic Night and Keira Knightly is there and gets dragged onto the stage by Corden to show off her talents to the uninterested crowd. She gets up and plays the song A Step You Can’t Take Back the song is the perfect song to introduce her voice as it really suits the open mic night when you hear a voice that needs to be heard by millions.

*Six steps for a GREAT film*

  • Mark Ruffalo
  • Keira Knightly
  • Music (it’s not a musical)
  • Amazing Storyline (this film does!)
  • A bad guy (SPOILER ALERT… Adam Levine)
  • James Corden cameo

We see the scene unfold three times in the film from different perspectives; Corden’s, Knightly’s and then finally Ruffalo’s view, where the magic happens.

The song goes from an acoustic solo performance to a hit with the help of Ruffalo’s producer brain. We hear cellos, drums and a piano added to the song and it really finishes off the track.

As well as marking the first singing role for Knightly, Begin Again also marks the first acting role of Adam Levine (and before you ask, no he’s not related to Avril, he is Maroon 5’s lead singer).

Lost Stars – Adam Levine
Tell Me if You Wanna Go Home – Keira Knightly
No One Else Like You – Adam Levine
Horny – Cee Lo Green
Lost Stars – Keira Knightly
A Higher Place – Adam Levine
Like a Fool – Keira Knightly
Did it Ever Cross Your Mind – Cessyl Orchestra
Woman of the World (Go on Strike!) – Cee Lo Green
Coming Up Roses – Keira Knightly
Into the Trance – Cessyl Orchestra
A Step You Can’t Take Back – Keira Knightly
Lost Stars – into the night mix – Adam Levine
The Roof is Broken – demo mix – Cessyl Orchestra
Tell Me if You Want to Go Home – Roof Top Mix – Keira Knightly & Hailee Steinfield
Intimidated By You – Cessyl Orchestra

Ruffalo and Knightly have the idea to make her demo outside with the help of Corden and his recording equipment and with New York lending them locations in her beautiful city. The concept had never been done before, but with the sounds of the outside in the tracks it really puts a different dimension on the sound of the album.

While watching the film you will get sucked into the storyline and even though it has got romance in it do not get put off! I would suggest this film to anyone who likes a feel good film.

You can find the film on Netflix or you can buy it now on Amazon.
And you can find the soundtrack on Spotify (minus a few songs because of licensing issues…)

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Elle Hache.

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