Marina and the Diamonds – Froot – Review

I wanted to give the album a chance because of how much I loved her first two albums, however as the first track starts, I can honestly say I wanted to turn it off and go back to bed and watch Netflix. Although, once I got past the sad song you realise that it is about Marina getting over a bout of depression, but now she has found a new place to be ‘happy’.Now it’s time for the title track Froot, the sudden change between sad music to electro-poppy combination is confusing for any listener, however we start to finally hear like we have the old Marina back.

I’m a Ruin is a personal song but is along the same line as Homewrecker from Electra Heart. A lot of the songs on the album sound very much like the sad songs from her old albums, the type of songs you would rather skip than sit and listen to, unless you want to be sad…

The fourth and fifth songs on the album are my favourite. Blue touches on a serious subject – breaking up with a loved one – but she sings it in an upbeat pace and it shows Marina teaching girls that if something bad happens you can get through it, as now you don’t have to be Blue any more, even if you do just want one more goodbye with them.

Forget is the fifth song on the album and it runs on from the last song a lot more smoothly, this song is obviously about forgetting things, this is a good song for anyone holding grudges, Marina explains it perfectly ‘there’s no time for regrets, it’s time to forget’.

The next few songs are pleasant; they are simple and cheerful, Can’t Pin Me Down is explicit but the one word that she sings goes so well with the tune you don’t really realise…

The rest of the album ends the way it started, easy to skip through, I’m sorry Marina, but I think that I will be adding four songs from Froot to my playlist of your other albums, so keep clear of two thirds of the album.

If you have any feelings about Marina’s new album let me know down below or tweet me @LHutchon

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Elle Hache.

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