Book Review – Bridget and Joan’s Diary – Mad About The Toy Boy – Bridget Golightly & Joan Handcastle

Meet Bridget and Joan: Thelma and Louise on mobility scooters, reluctant residents of the Second Best Magnolia Retirement Home, and lifelong friends joined at the artificial hip.

It’s been a wild year for the two rebellious wrinkletons: sherry and shoplifting, Sanatogen and sexting, and a mysterious toy boy who threatens their lifelong friendship and possibly even more…

January Tuesday 1st (B)
Cups of tea drunk – 23 (v bad)
Teabags used – 4 (v good)
Trips to toilet – 12 (average)

Bridget and Joan’s Diary – Mad About the Toy Boy is a brilliant parody to the original Helen Fielding books Bridget Jones’ Diary. The first passage is by Bridget and shows what a classic older lady is thinking in New Year.

The book starts with the normal New Years resolutions, not wanting to give much away (because you should buy this hilariously inappropriate book!) Bridget and Joan set about making their resolutions such as; Embrace the feminine glory of my sixty-five-year-old womanhood and Remind Bridget that she’s eighty-nine. On a daily basis.

I have had this book for a couple of years but always go back to it for a little pick me up. This 166-page book is full of off hand comments and funny one liners from two old ladies, it will make you laugh so hard you will get people looking at you weirdly… (Normally when you’re on the train, so much so that you have to get off at the next stop miles away from where you were going…)

February 25th
(B) Ham salad for tea. It’s so wafer thin since Mrs Sharples started using that new catering company, I can actually see the pattern of the plate through it!

(J) Ham Salad for tea. It’s no wonder Bridget can only see the pattern on her plate. I ate her ham.

I can’t get over how darkly humoured this dual-diary between 80-something care home residents is, the two are as dissimilar as it’s ever possible to be. The book has some common themes with Fielding’s latest book (Mad About the Boy) with the wrinkletons, calorie countings and some plots with the same theme, I however still think this book could (and has) worked well on its own.

Joan is sensible, smart, and sick of Bridget, who keeps interrupting her in her day-to-day activities and Bridget is flighty, flirty, dirty and dotty.

These are their misadventures together. Through day trips, hospital trips, shopping trips and the world of speed dating and texting.

If you haven’t read the book I would do so now! If you are looking for a fun and flirty (if not slightly cringey) book, this is definitely one for you!

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Elle Hache.

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